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Santa Popper

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  • Newest Santa Pattern: We invite children experts and medical experts to design a Christmas fidget popper. The pattern is novel, warm and cute. It is very suitable to relieve stress and anxiety, improve concentration, and develop intelligence. It is more attractive and professional than other products on the market.
  • Durable and Safe Material: Our bubble popper is reusable cause the rubber bubbles are thick, they pop back up and forth well and will not burst easily. Also, it's made of the high quality bpa-free silicone material with safety tested, will not cause any harm to humans and pets. You needn't worry your kids toys will be broken any more.
  • Great Way to Relax and Keep Busy: A perfect Christmas and birthday gift for your daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, nephews, nieces, sisters, brothers, friends' kids, clients' kids and school students. Eg: You just press the mouse bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound, then flip it over and start again.
  • Amusing Stress Reliever Toy: Simple toy is a training tool for fingers, especially for workers often use fingertips. It helps them exercise the flexibility and sensitivity of their fingers. Also, it can decrease a child anxiety and distract them from behaviors like nail-biting etc. Great for children with adhd, autism, and keep their fingers occupied.
  • Light Weight and Easy to Clean: Our fidget toy is easy to carry with 11 inches, and can be played whatever and wherever you go, such as schools, class online, offices, parks, restaurant, car, bus, plane, or camping and the beach. Also, toys are easy to wash up and clean if you need to, just use soap and water.