Dinoflation Inflatable Dino

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From Toysmith comes the creative Dinoflation Inflatable Dinosaur toy that anyone will laugh at. Each peggable packet includes 1 inflatable dinosaur and 1 straw. Choose from 4 assorted dinosaurs with wacky round middles. Inflate them up to 14 inches, then bounce and toss them around. These cartoonish dinosaurs are brightly colored with wide cartoon eyes, stubby feet, a tiny tail, and an excessively large middle. Some may also have fanned heads, spiky backs, or wings. Choose from a T-rex, Triceratops, brontosaurus, or pterodactyl. Dinoflation toys can be inflated, deflated, and re-inflated repeatedly.

Please note if buying online, dinosaur style is randomly selected.


 • Age Grade: 5+ • Product Dimensions/Weight: 5.8 L x 2.0 W x 8.8 H / 0.2 lb • Inner Pack Dimensions/Weight: 6.7 L x 17.6 W x 6.1 H / 2.8 lb • Made In: China • Batteries not required