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Farm Yatzy

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SmartGames Farm Yatzy Game

Can you bet a farm on your strategy? Collate your dices together and find a winning combination.

A creative, simple, and child-friendly take on the original game!

Roll your dice up to three times to find the highest score combinations. The colorful figures on the dice make it fun for children.

SmartGames Farm Yatzy, designed for ages 5 and up, offers a fun and engaging way to develop various cognitive and social skills, making it educationally valuable for young children. Here's a breakdown of its key educational benefits:

Cognitive Skills:

  • Number recognition and counting: Counting dice rolls, scoring combinations, and comparing scores all involve using and understanding numbers. This strengthens early math skills like number recognition and counting.
  • Pattern recognition: Identifying patterns in the dice symbols and using them to create specific scoring combinations encourages pattern recognition skills, beneficial for learning math and other subjects.
  • Sorting and categorization: Grouping dice by symbols, colors, or numerical values enhances sorting and categorization skills, important for organizing information and problem-solving.
  • Decision-making: Choosing which dice to keep and reroll involves making decisions based on potential scoring opportunities and available options. This fosters early decision-making skills.

Social and Emotional Skills:

  • Taking turns and following rules: Playing with others requires turn-taking, respecting rules, and being a good sport. This promotes social skills and emotional regulation.
  • Communication and interaction: Discussing dice rolls, scores, and strategies encourages communication and interaction with others.
  • Healthy competition: The game fosters healthy competition in a playful and engaging environment.

Additional Benefits:

  • Fine motor skills: Manipulating the dice and scoring chart helps develop fine motor skills, particularly dexterity and hand-eye coordination.
  • Concentration and focus: Rolling dice, keeping track of scores, and making decisions require sustained attention and focus.
  • Memory: Remembering rolled dice symbols and potential scoring combinations can improve memory skills.


  • Age Range: While targeted at 5+, younger children with strong cognitive and motor skills can benefit with adult guidance.
  • Difficulty Levels: The simple rules and scoring combinations make it accessible for young children, while offering opportunities for more strategic play as they develop.
  • Individual or Group Play: The game can be played individually or with friends and family, offering both independent and social learning experiences.

SmartGames Farm Yatzy provides a fun and engaging way to introduce young children to basic math concepts, pattern recognition, and decision-making, while also promoting social skills and healthy competition. It's a valuable educational tool for early childhood development.

Inside the box: 5 farm-themed dice, 1 notepad

Ages: 5+ years